Monday, February 6, 2012

Our Mac Mini Install Kit was Featured on Mac People (March edition)

Mac People, a premier Macintosh magazine for Japanese Mac users, wrote a review on our Second SSD/HDD Installation Kit for Mac mini Mid 2011.

They highlighted, "Drastically Improves the Usability of Your Mac Mini," and gave it the following review: Out of 5 stars, they gave 3 stars for "simplicity of installing," 5 stars for "effectiveness," and 5 stars for "cost performance."

They further stated: "This install kit is a powerful tool to help you bolster the power of your Mac mini. If you want more speed, then you can choose to install a fast SSD. If you want more capacity, then you can choose to install a 1TB HD. Compared with the Apple BTO, you can freely choose your storage options, and the price is much cheaper."

Get it here today.

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