Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Photo of Steve I Crossed Upon...

I found this photo somewhere. Jobs never donated anything big enough to be publicly noticed.
In fact, he's well-known for not being philanthropic.

Some people go as far as to say he's monopolistic--almost like McDonald's when they monopolized the fast food market. See the pun in photo below:

But, in a interview back in 1985, Jobs replied the following as to this question: "in order to learn how to do something well, you have to fail sometimes...the problem with most philanthropy--there's no measurement can really never measure whether you failed or's really hard to get better." He also added, "When I have some time, I'm going to start a public foundation."

This foundation he started in 1986 was closed after 15 months. The reason: "He clearly didn't have the time." After all, Steve's greatest way of giving to humanity was by sharing Apple around the world.

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