Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Installing an SSD to your Mac Mini (Mid 2011)

With the SSD support on the Mac Mini (Mid 2011)--it no longer has a superdrive--you could easily turn your mini into your main machine without spending heaps of money. You don't have to pay Apple's $600 for a 256MB SSD BTO, as long as you have a SSD and an installation kit. In addition, Apple's BTO is a SATA 2.0 drive, so it won't generate the same speed as a SATA 3.0.

Kindly enough, the Mac Mini already comes with a mounter for the second drive, but you need some other parts and screws to finish the job. We've got it for you:

Second SSD/HDD Installation Kit for Mac Mini Mid 2011, $49.95
The Core i5 CPU on the Mac Mini is already pretty good, but by using an SSD as your boot drive, you are guaranteed improved responsiveness and, above all, a super fast initial boot up time.

Intermediate skills are required for installation. You can see our online manual here.
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