Monday, January 23, 2012

Tonal Shaping through your iPad: AmpDock by Alesis

Use with app, dock connector, and pedal to produce guitar effects.

It's amazing how iPad Apps are being given real-life applications more and more over the years--an output and venue in the guitar/bass industry is just another example. Apps like GarageBand, AmpliTude, JamUp can now be used in sync with a real effects controls and a pedalboard through the AmpDock device introduced by Alesis in the "NAMM Show 2012" in Anaheim, California.  

Alesis states: "You can use the Program Up/Down buttons to instantly switch between your presets, and use the FX button to unload powerful effects. AmpDock's pedalboard even includes an expression pedal that can be used for volume control or to send MIDI control changes like wah, frequency, or delay. You'll also have instant access to Main, Headphone, Input 1, and Input 2 level controls with dedicated knobs on the AmpDock for easy adjustment of these crucial settings."

Includes:  1/4" high-impedance guitar input and an XLR-1/4" combo input, 1/4" outputs with Guitar/Mic and Ground Lift switches, USB MIDI port, headphone output with volume control, and more.

The pedalboard controller allows you to control volume, bypass, program changes, and other parameters.

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