Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Revival of the Wristwatch: iWatchz vs. Lunatik

I haven’t worn a watch ever since I got my own cell phone with watch functions over 10 years ago. It feels like one extra thing to carry on your body when the cell phone (now, smartphone) does everything a watch will and ever has done.

But, today, there seems to be an engendering revival of the timepiece in the form of a “smartwatch” with text message, phone call, SNS, and GPS functions. Instant access to datafeed on our wrists is much more mobile, flexible, and quicker than, say, getting our phones out of our pockets.

In the forefront of this movement for smartwatches is the use of Apple’s iPod Nano as a wristwatch. The idea existed ever since Steve Jobs announced the 6th generation Nano and joked in September 2010 that one of the company’s board members planned to wear it as a watch.

Currently, the two major watchbands for the Nano are made by iWatchz and Lunatik.
iWatchz is cheaper and has a broader collection with far more options in style and color. It has the Q, Q2, Carbon, Nappa, Force, Icarius, Vintage, Timepiece, and Elemetal models, while Lunatik as of now only has the TikTok and LunaTik models in a few variations.
iWatchzQ - $24.95 retail

TikTok - $39.95 retail

But the differences in quality in the two are more than apparent. One review states, “iWatchzQ has all the hallmarks of a mass-produced product, with poorly finished surfaces on the hard plastic parts that feel rought enough to potentially scratch skin.”

TikTok and LunaTik were conceived by Scott Wison, the former Global Creative Director of Nike Watches. He writes on, “I have spent my entire career obsessing over the details and execution . . . We believe that our products, though slightly more expensive than the competition, are far more complementary to Apple products.”

Although it’s slightly heavier than the iWatchzQ, the peg adjustment system of the TikTok strap makes it a better fit to the wrist. And TikTok provides a much smoother transition from clip mode to watch mode.

At, you can get your own TikTok and LunaTik watchbands for only $34.95 and $69.95 (LunaTik Black: $79.95). 
Get it here:  

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